underworld blood wars

Blunderworld: Underwears – What the hell did i just watch?!

So i decided to watch the latest in what i guess you would call a ‘franchise’ but you could call it that only in the loosest term.

I have no idea what the entire plot to the movie was… her daughters blood? Was that it? I’m still unsure. Was it about something else? Let me know, please.

I’m sure Kate Beckinsale brings serious pull to movies (i assume) but surely she’s better than this drivel.

underworld blood wars

This is, what, the fifth movie in the ‘series’ that really should have stopped at the first one and I’ve read that there are plans to make a sixth. I have no idea about what that will be about… balsamic infused garlic regenerative powers for vampires perhaps? Who the hell knows. One things for sure, the writers won’t as was shown with this release.

But is it fair to blame just the writers? I’m sure the shocking directing didn’t help and the abysmal editing wouldn’t have helped either im sure. Maybe it was the whole package that made this movie suck so much.

 Was there any other star power to this? Well besides from a short role by Jame Faulkner and the other main lead being Theo James from the Divergent series, the only other actor people might know i think is Lara Pulver who i think is most famously known for Spooks or maybe even Sherlock. Maybe the main antagonist, Tobias Menzies, might also be known. He’s certainly familiar enough but for the life of me i couldn’t pick from what without looking him up.

Was there any saving graces to this movie? I can’t think of one. It’s certainly not the WORST movie I’ve ever seen but it’s certainly the worst movie I’ve seen in 2017 and that’s saying something if you knew my viewing habits.

Oh i just thought of a saving grace. This is one of the few movies that might make Twilight look good lol. How’s that for a burn.

Come to think of it, perhaps i could write a better script. Picture this, hundreds of people running around in their underwear, wearing medieval helmets. smacking each other with begets and quoting Shakespeare in Romanian for 90 minutes. Yep, that definitely sounds better than this.



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