Batman vs Superman feat Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash & Cyborg (Luthor Mix)

This was obviously a polarising film, and I didn’t need to read social media to figure it out. In the lBatman_v_Superman_posteratest release, a follow up to 2013’s Man of Steel, Superman and Batman spend 88% of the 151 minute run time barely sharing screen time…and then bitch slapping one another, and then high five-ing one another as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman gets sandwiched between the Batman/Superman slow mo sandwich.

The opening scene shows us the very well known Batman’s parents get killed in an alley back story. And the Wayne’s are played by The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan and Jeffery Dean Morgan. Now why these two, who have killed more walkers and humans than you’ve had hot dinners, couldn’t overpower one man with a gun, I’ll never understand. Oh, their characters wouldn’t be able to in this show? Of course, then I say boo casting to that! I don’t believe JDM’s Thomas Wayne would just get shot. He could have at least thrown a punch or two.

We had a Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor. And while he does a good job at playing a ‘crazy’ villain, I found it a bit affected. We had such an amazing performance from the late Heath Ledger with his Joker, that there was a need for a different type of villain. Did anyone even try to cast Gene Hackman for this role?

Overall, I found this film to be a little ‘clip show’ in it’s story line. We are shown these snippets of what I imagine was a three hour movie (or a two-parter, am I right Allegiant?). It was jarring and confusing. By the end, I was left a little disappointed.

My favourite bit of the whole movie was the thirty second snippet of Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman and his big stick. Looking forward to that hunky spunk kitting up in his Stargate: Atlantis wardrobe for some crime busting…

My rating? 2.5 capes out of 5.



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