Lucifer – My pick of the summer.

Im going to start off and admit that i’ve only seen the pilot so far but if the rest of the series comes even 75% as close to being good as that pilot was than im calling this a sleeper hit.

I doubt it will become a mainstream hit to be honest as some of the themes it deals with are not… well, they’re not everyday and that’s a shame. Themes like this should be more common.lucifer

Im not holding up hope on this lasting more than a season or two. That’s just how it seems to work. I really think a show is awesome and has legs and merit and wham, it’s cancelled e.g. Constantine.

You’re probably reading this and have read the wiki or imdb link plot on the show and asking, what themes? He’s Lucifer, the Devil. He’s the bad guy doing bad things right? Wrong. Well partially at any rate.

Yes, he is the Devil, though he goes by Lucifer MorningstarĀ (played by Tom Ellis) since it’s, “God given im afraid.”. But it’s more than that. He’s a character that is shown to have been put in a role that was just that, a role for him and a role he seems to indicate was never meant to be his permanent domain. At least, it wasn’t something that he chose for himself and he derides that choice being taken from him.

But even more than that, it questions the very nature of what you are told to think of as evil. Is it really evil if you’re told it is or is evidence required for a definitive decision to be made?

Lucifer Morningstar is not the definition of Evil that you would expect from a character such as this. He’s a man, given a job he no longer wants and is trying to now find his way in life.

Thank you. Thank you, but lately I’ve been thinking. Do you think I’m the Devil because I’m inherently evil, or just because dear ol’ dad decided I was?” – Lucifer Morningstar

At the same time though he was ‘The man in charge’ and shows it on occasion especially when he gets upset when someone he was close to dies, “Oh… it’s times like this i wish i was still in Hell. All the fun activities i’d have planned for you.”

So in essence he’s just a man trying to find his path in life as i mentioned earlier but he’s being pressured and even threatened to return to Hell by the Angel Amenadiel to which Lucifer quips, “Yeah, try it. You think Father’s upset now.”

Amenadiel indicates that without Lucifer being in Hell, things are not just not going to plan but that things are falling apart, “What do you this exactly happens when the Devil leaves Hell? All of those Demons… all of those tormented and tortured souls! Where do you think they go?”

For me this was pretty much the perfect episode for laying the ground work of the series. If only other series could get the formula as right as this does. Lets hope it keeps the momentum going and as the opening song states, Ain’t no rest for the Wicked!

As a starter i would give this:



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