Can’t Hardly Wait… or as i now think of it, the 90’s stepping stone movie.

The one thing you can’t call this movie is a ‘breakout’ movie for anyone. It had a semi-established cast with a lot of new comers.

It’s full of either unknowns (at that time) or house hold names such as Jennifer Love Hewitt but this could be said for almost any teen romance comedy really.canthardlywait

Im not sure where exactly 1997/8 Seth Green falls into this really. Sure, the people in my circle knew him from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer but could you really say he was a house hold name at that time? Probably not.

Here’s a list of people in the movie that went on to make relatively big names for themselves:

  • Peter Facinelli as Mike Dexter who went on to do a ton of work and stared in the Twilight movies… oh the poor man.
  • Seth Green as Kenny Fisher. What can i say about him really. He’s gone on to do SO many things in SO many different genres. It’s annoying how talented he is.
  • Chris Owen as the Klepto Kid – ok here’s a note on this one, he never really made it “huge” but you know him when you see him but can never quite remember from what.
  • Jason Segel as Matt, Watermelon Guy – Yes, this was his first movie or even acting role from what i could find. It took a while to take off but his career is golden now.
  • Clea Duvall as Jana – Another of those actors you just see everywhere but can’t nail down.
  • Jamie Pressly as Beth, Girlfriend #1 – Im not sure you can say her career actually exploded per-say… but she’s very well known now.
  • Donald Faison as Dan, Love Burger drummer – He might not be doing a lot at the moment but everyone remembers him.
  • Eric Balfour as Steve, Hippie Guy – You know and love him from the varied (read scarce) roles he’s had but i like to think he’s rather well know these days.
  • Selma Blair as Girl Mike Hits On – You will know her from the Hellboy movies and the dozens of other projects she’s worked on.
  • Sara Rue as Earth Girl – Went on to have a moderately successful career and even her own show in the early 2000’s.

Then there’s the fun unaccredited people that are in the movie. I can not work out why they went unaccredited either.

  • Jenna Elfman as The Angel Stripper
  • Jerry O’Connell as Trip McNeely
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Vicki, the Yearbook Girl
  • Breckin Meyer as Walter, Love Burger lead singer whom everyone knows and works closely with Seth Green on lots of projects these days.
  • Amber Benson as Stephanie, the Stoned Girl of whom everyone probably remembers best for her role on Buffy. Theres a very strong Buffy link with this movie.

Well, i guess we should move onto what this movie is about. It’s a relatively simple plot, but if it works why change a winning formula.

Guy #1 pines after Girl #1… Girl #1 dates another guy… Girl #1 and guy breakup… Guy #1 spends movie trying to tell Girl #1 he likes her and find out if perhaps Girl #1 likes him.

There are side plots to the movie of which Seth Green is a major part, playing a ‘player’ who has big talk but no luck as well as the geeks out for revenge from the jocks.

It all sounds a bit cliche but to be honest it’s a fairly alright movie. It never won any awards and it never would have but for what it is, that being a fun movie staring Jennifer Love Hewitt (of whom is only in it for short periods of time… so her being in it was just a cash grab really) it is well worth a watch. If for nothing more than Seth’s character which as far as im concerned steals the movie.

Over all i would give this:4-Reels


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