Marvel, the ‘M’ stands for Mediocre.

So i just watched ‘Ant Man’ the other day… Ant Man… wow, what an epic name for a Marvel Superhero. Were they out of names the day they thought him up? No, that’s besides the point.

Disclaimer: Im not a Marvel expert, i don’t know the Marvel lore intimately like others do. In fact, i don’t think i can even recall reading a Marvel comic although im sure i have at some point.

I’ve noticed that it’s been a trend for quite some time now to just put out new after new Marvel movie that have no real substance. Now, im not expecting a Schindlers List from Marvel but it would be nice to have a movie that i can watch, then think, “Yeah, id watch that again.” instead of, “That was alright… don’t think ill see that again though.”

The early Marvel movies were rather good. Though im not sure if that was the subjects or the directors. Of course im referring to the early X-Men movies. Actually, i would go as far as to say that they’re probably the strongest of the Marvel movies but that could be put down to just having Hugh Jackman in them.

Im going to ignore the really early stuff such as Duckman aka Howard the Duck (which for some absolutely bizarre reason i have a soft spot for most likely because of Lea Thompson), Dolph Lundgrens ‘The Punisher‘, the bizarre 1990’s Captain America and the Blade Trilogy.

Here’s a list of the movies im talking about:

*  denotes movies i thought were truly worthwhile for Marvel to have made.

Im not really sure what’s been wrong with the majority of these movies, perhaps it’s just studio interference or they’re just trying to play it too safe but for the most part they just come across as…well.. sterile.

I don’t think it’s a director issue as they’ve had some brilliant directors in some of the movies and some directors have even done whole franchises of Marvel movies such as Sam Raimi’s ‘Spiderman’ franchise in the  00’s and Josh Whedons ‘Avengers’ franchise although i feel these were his weakest movies to date.

There’s also the fact that they just keep rebooting the same movies over and over and over. Spiderman has been rebooted twice in the last decade and they’re looking to do it again from what i’ve heard.

Then there’s the Fantastic 4 (Four) reboots. There’s the well known Fantastic Four movie made in 1994 that was never released, and the story goes they made the movie just to keep the licence. This has also been rebooted several times with the original movies back in the 00’s of which not even Jessica Alba could save, then rebooted just this year (2015). People lambasted the latest iteration of the Fantastic Four and sure, there are lots of issues with it, but i feel it’s perhaps the strongest of the FF movies to date.

What this really boils down to for me is this. Is there a time where im going to want to spend money on any of these movies that are already released or even the new ones to be released. Sadly for the majority that’s a no. Marvel has become a worn and tattered cape that needs to stop making things for awhile i feel. Then they can take a step back and perhaps make something that has some real soul in it.

You might think it odd that i want more from a Marvel movie and perhaps it is a bit odd. But i think on it as something you should want to experience not just watch and there are characters within the Marvel universe that are brilliant and broken and heart wrenching in the way they are. They are survivors and lunatics and lost and found. Broken and ‘human’ and they have faults and flaws. The movie versions just appear to be lesser versions of themselves and that makes me sad.

Still, i will probably end up watching the new releases when they come out, even if it’s not at the cinema and probably only once in the vain hope that finally there might just be a diamond in the pile of stones.

I will admit that there is a glimmer of light with Marvel and that’s the TV shows that have been done recently. Namely, Daredevil, Agents of Shield, Agent Carter and the soon to be released, Jessica Jones.

It could be just a Netflix thing and with it being Netflix it brings less overhead hassles but Daredevil was absolutely fantastic. One of the best things with the Marvel name to it that i’ve seen. Daredevil was gritty and dark. A man who was finding his way and from the start was a strong show and just got better as it progressed.

With regards to Agents of Shield, this show has it’s ups and downs. Season 1 took awhile to get going, and season 2 just built on this. Season 3, from what i’ve seen so far, seems to have lost it’s way a bit so im unsure if to place this show in the succeed or fail pile yet.

Agent Carter on the other hand, which they did just as a filler during the season 2 gap of Agents of Shield, was very very good. Started well and ended strong.

I have high hopes for Jessica Jones. The story from the trailer looks close to the comic and sounds like something i could really get behind provided it follows through. Plus, as a side note, it has the former Dr Who star David Tennant as the villan which sounds glorious.

Do you agree with me or think im completely off my rocker? Let me know.



3 thoughts on “Marvel, the ‘M’ stands for Mediocre.

  1. masxmarvel says:

    sorry I’m a little late on this but I just wanted to mention that the ant-man movie itself poked fun at its name. I think they know how silly it sounds. but I did feel that it was a bit different from the rest of the marvel films in that it was a “heist” movie. and the action was fun in a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” kind of a way. visually stunning at times too! but hey, that’s just me.. lol

  2. rachaelryan says:

    I’m a huge Marvel fan and in the age old Marvel vs DC I tend to fall to the Marvel side (even though I adore DC too!) but can I say, I kind of agree with you on this one. The movies are just not up to par of late. The TV shows are amazing and what Marvel should really be about – Daredevil was absolutely amazing. I’ve actually been more impressed with the DC TV offerings than I have with the Marvel movie releases.

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