NEWS – 2015-16 TV Season – Autumn (US) renewals and cancellations

Here is a list of current shows that are up for renewal or are being cancelled.

As you can see below there is a glut of television being produced these days and with that comes a harsh environment for survival.

Full Season Pickup (Possible renewal if the audience doesn’t lose interest):
Addition Episodes Requested (Possible renewal if things improve):
Episode Order Cut (Expect to be cancelled unless audience improves):

For more infomation check out:


4 thoughts on “NEWS – 2015-16 TV Season – Autumn (US) renewals and cancellations

  1. rachaelryan says:

    I cannot believe Defiance has been cancelled! That show was fabulous. And they keep Talking Dead? It’s not even a show, it’s a panel discussion!!

    Yes, I’m a little bitter 🙂

    • ienjoyagoodshow says:

      There are shows i can’t believe are staying such as I am Cait… so you turned into a woman… whoop dee doo, thousands of others go through the same thing and don’t even get a ‘how-do-you-do’.

      The Whispers was just ordinary so needed to go… and im glad that Americas Top Model is finally over. It’s been going since 2003.

      Dr Ken is great and i hope it gets renewed but the biggest win of all is that Ash vs Evil Dead is already renewed for a second season.. in fact, it was given a second season green light even before the first ep was broadcast… but saying that, things can change.

      I really wish they kept Constantine… that show had so much WIN.

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