One Punch Man

One-Punch Man – Every now and then a show will come out of nowhere and surprise you!

It’s not often that a show will come along that you had no idea existed yet turns out to be an absolute blast to watch.

I was just randomly surfing through random forums when i saw a tagline that was “which anime show has been the most enjoyable for you this season?” so i thought i would take a look.

The number one show by a margin that people were talking about was One-Punch Man.

One Punch Man

Originally a Manga, it has been adapted to an anime.

The premise itself is relatively simple. A man,¬†Saitama,¬† who is a ‘hero’ basically wants to find himself a challenge that is worth his while since he’s accidentally become the strongest ‘hero’ of them all. All while wearing his yellow outfit, with red boots and gloves and a while cape that looks almost ridiculous as if it’s a parody of ‘hero’s’ outfits… which it probably is now that i think on it.

I’ve only watched a couple of episodes at this time as they’re only 6 episodes into the season but so far the standard formula of a monster per episode type deal isn’t the only thing happening.

There’s also the ‘cyborg Genos’ that wants to learn how to become as strong as Saitama and acts as his disciple, even to the point of calling Saitama master which just seems to annoy him.

The art style is fantastic as well never sticking to one single style throughout the show. The style could change around a dozen times in a single episode depending on the action that is happening.

This is a light-hearted comedy with action elements that i think nearly everyone would enjoy. Is the story deep? I have no idea but i hope so but even if it isn’t i think this will be a fun ride for however long it goes.

So far i would give this 5 out of 5 red fists PUNCHING YOU IN THE FACE!

5-red fists


Just for fun, here’s the high energy opening:


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