ash v evil dead

Ash vs Evil Dead – New Series Discussion

So the new series, Ash vs Evil Dead, has started.

This comes to us from Sam and Ivan Raimi.

Sam Raimi is of course one of the original creators of the Evil Dead series such as The Evil Dead (1981), The Evil Dead 2 (1987) and the ever popular Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness (1992).

At first i was quite excited when i heard about this series coming around 6 months ago… then i became worried. What if it was bad? What if this killed off the franchise?

ash v evil dead

Then i asked… whatever happened to Evil Dead 4 that i kept hearing rumors about? Turns out this series IS Evil Dead 4. Well as close as we’re likely to get to it and you know what, so far im ok with that.

Sure, a separate movie for Evil Dead 4 would have been nice, but i’ll give this series a go.

I watched the first episode the other day which much reservation, refusing to make any judgements until my trial period is done. This is usually the first 3 episodes of a series. I feel by that time they should have their feet under themselves and have worked out how things are working story line wise.

Well, it didn’t start off to well. I kept thinking that they had ruined Ash’s character… it just didn’t seem right and no more S-mart? That just wasn’t s-mart in my opinion. But all was not to be lost.

They kept the same film style as the original movies and even in the end Ash’s brash, arrogant manner felt like the same old Ash. Perhaps it had just been so long since we’ve seen Ash in action that i had forgotten what the character was like.

There were memorable witty one liners, gory action and new characters that you can feel invested in as well as cheesy monologues that would make any Evil Dead fan weak in the knees.

Im hoping that the rest of this series lives up to the first episode. I will do a series review once it’s done but for now im rating it 5 out of 5 chainsaws.




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