the man with the iron fists

The Man with the Iron Fists – Or otherwise known as, “possibly the worst movie ever made!”

First off i have to admit that what got me to watch this was that it involved Quentin Tarantino. This actually isn’t true and it’s only “presented by” Quentin Tarantino.

Now when someone says they’re ‘presenting’ a movie, basically they’re saying, “Yeah, you can use my name with this… and perhaps here’s some money… but don’t really involve me.” If only they had involved him perhaps it could have been saved.

Im the first person to put their hand up and admit that i like a bad movie. As an example, Sharktopus was a ton of fun but this movie fits in a whole other level of bad.

This movie is written by, staring and directed by RZA. This isn’t automatically a bad thing. It could have been a work of genius and brilliance… but it wasn’t. Oh no it wasn’t.

I will admit that the first 3/5 of the movie were quite well done though his acting was… well, could you even say he acted? Other than that it flowed well and had an interesting story line. It’s only after the first 3/5 that we get to the heart of what this movie really is. A self indulgent pile of crap that not even Russell Crow, Lucy Liu, Dave Batista and Rick Yune could save. Also… why on earth did they sign up for this?

Russell hammed his way through the thing. Lucy seemed to quite enjoy her roll even if she over played it. Batista seemed to… well it seemed as if he had some work for once. And Rick… why of why Rick. The lack of directing really hurt his acting. The scenes in the credits were some of the worst and seemed completely added on as a last thought.

I could go on but you really need to see if for yourself.

As a side note, its been 2 years since i’ve seen this and it still haunts me. Perhaps if it didn’t take itself so seriously it could have been fun.

Oh, and they’ve made a sequel… wow.




3 thoughts on “The Man with the Iron Fists – Or otherwise known as, “possibly the worst movie ever made!”

  1. rachaelryan says:

    I shudder at anything that needs to be presented by another director…unless it’s Tarantino presenting Rodriguez or vice versa.

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