Sahara…So bad-ah!

What has been a very popular book is turning out to be a shocker of a movie. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what it is. The story has merit. It’s interesting, dramatic, adventurous. The cinematography is more than adequate, with colour and camera angles used to convey themes of the scene.

Then it hit me – casting.

Matthew McConaghy (MM) as the hero Dirk. No. Dirk is a modern swashbuckler. MM is a Z-grade romantic comedy lead with a stupidly affected accent. Penelope Cruz (PC) is one of the worst actors in the history of cinema – and I spent my fomative years watching enough B-grade slasher films to know bad actors when I see them. Steve Zahn (SZ) is window dressing. The silly sidekick, as SZ is in a lot of his films, is pushed to the wayside to make room for MM and PC’s over acting.

It’s a shame because this coud have been a really good film.

So who would you cast? Anyone who says Tom Cruise is instantly taken outside and never heard from again – but he is an entirely different and separate rant.

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