This movie came highly recommended from Jayden Keeler. What more can i say about that, the man has taste!

This is one of those ‘C’ grade or maybe even ‘B’ grade basically made for TV horror type movies with second rate special effects and gratuitous boob shots just to get more people to watch it.

First off, the title is a misnomer… it’s not actually a ‘Frankenfish’ which as you would think is a fish made up of the parts of other fish. But alas no, it’s just a mutant fish made by mad scientists!

The story goes (as far as i could tell) a boat breaks down or crashes or something goes wrong in some marsh/swamp type area of southern USA. Bad mutant fish escape and start to eat people that are fishing the rivers and streams and etc etc.

Insert some kind of animal person and a medical examiner… though why an ME would be down in this area i have no idea. Hilarity ensues when the fish turns out to be able to break through walls with brute force and chomp people to there demise.

I forgot to mention that they’re all trapped on houseboats and that the ‘fish’ has sunk all the boats… smart fish!

For me this movie holds the award for most original death scene which came as quite a surprise! The scene is the animal woman (who’s basically there to go ‘OMG! This shouldn’t exist!’) starts talking when a shotgun that happens to be sitting in the burning ruins of one of the houseboats goes off and shoots her in the face. Noone expected that and the makeup artist did a fantastic job! You really have to see it. <– skip to 3min 25sec and watch from there!

4-Reelson the fun factor!



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