In Time – The Movie we were almost ironically late for.

So last night was Date Night where my significant other and myself end up going out for the evening once a week with just ourselves and usually a good meal. On this particular night we decided to go and see ‘In Time’.

Im not going to lie. I was rather apprehensive about the whole thing. Justin Timberlake in a lead role? Him acting at all? Well what can i say… i was more than pleasantly surprised! He was rather good in this movie.

As for the lead woman? I have no idea who she is… and i don’t think i will be seeing her around anytime soon. Wooden would seem a positive note to her… and those eyes! In one particular scene her eyes seem to almost pop out of her skull! My other half turned to me a bit freaked out and said, “Oh, she has googly eyes!… and they’re very far apart too!” lol.

There’s one particular scene where they’re meant to be having a car accident. I can safely say this is the worst car accident i have ever seen. Not in horror… but in just the fact that the animation they used to do the accident was so dismal as to stand out like dogs balls in your face. If they spent more than $50 on the animation for that scene i’ll be surprised! I won’t spoil for you where this takes place in the movie, just trust me when i say you won’t miss it. In fact you will probably jump up in your seat going, “WTF?!? They let that go to final cut?” lol.

Over all i have to say that it was an enjoyable flick but i don’t think i will be watching it again.

The story line was interesting but really made no particular sense. A society based on time as a currency and if too much time is released or in the ‘market’ then the ‘market’ will collapse? I would have liked to have that bit explained but they really just gloss over the whole time part of the movie and just concentrate on the running and shooting and main woman in skimpy underwear shots.


This is probably for someone the best movie they have ever seen… and i pity that person a lot.



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