Horrible Bosses

Tonight we watched Horrible Bosses. At least it wasn’t Horrible itself, which it soooo could have been.

Jason Bateman seems to be on a role (no pun intended) the past number of years… and not all of the roles he’s selected have let us say been, stellar.

This was a quite enjoyable movie i have to say… but the prize to the winning role goes to Jennifer Aniston… my gawd she’s hot in this.

Kevin Spacy was fantastic and Collin Farrell was just brilliant as the annoying coke addled son.

Now onto my actual thoughts on the movie.

I thought that perhaps it could have been a bit faster in areas as in parts it definitely seemed to drag. It’s good to see if you don’t want to see a movie that requires much in the way of thought i would say which is exactly how we both felt tonight.

There’s not a lot more to say really. It was enjoyable, JA was hot and rather slutty… and that’s the part most people will remember most in years to come.

Enjoyable, entertaining, a no brainer…. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.





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