Dr Who – Season 6 – Finally – The Marriage of River Song – Warning, Spoilers

The Marriage of River Song.

Let be start off by stating that im a HUGE Dr Who fan. Infact i haven’t missed an episode since it came back six seasons ago.

Let me also start off by saying im a HUGE fan of ABC iView (http://www.abc.net.au/iview/) where i was able to watch this episode as i had missed it when it was on air earlier.

Of the older episodes i haven’t seen them all though i have seen a lot but we’re talking about one episode in particular.

The season finally of Season 6.

I have to say that this left me feeling a bit annoyed at the end. It was a good episode and was rather well written and slightly creepy as the best Dr Who episodes are. What annoyed me is the massive hole they left and the paradox they created.

In this episode The Doctor was meant to die. It was supposed to be a fixed point in time and if it didn’t happen then time would collapse etc etc etc. In fact this did happen. River Song was meant to kill The Doctor but avoided it ending up causing all of time to happen at once. That in itself is a bit odd… but we will accept that as we’re not truly expecting a story line of this show to make 100% sense all of the time.

The thing that annoyed me and as far as im concerned that caused a hole in the plot was that when The Doctor did die at the hands of River Song as was meant to happen… he didn’t really die. It was a robot version of him. How does that fix the situation? Surely time should still collapse because he hasn’t actually died right! Surely the universe is not some nieve 3yo that just goes, “Oh, yep.. saw him die… all’s good… back to normal everyone!” and that’s that. Shouldn’t the actual Doctor have died since that was mandated? Or was it just the death of a robot version that was mandated?

You see this is the problem i had with this episode.

Still i thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will still rate it a 4-Reelsas it lost some marks with what i considered to be holes in the story line. But as i’ve said before these are just my opinions and you neither have to agree or disagree with me.


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