Accidentally on Purpose – Series Review

So lets wrap this series up.

I think the easiest way of defining and showing what this series is about goes to this one joke:

Zack (Jon Foster): “Looks at all these hats! Do you need so many hats? Who do you think you are, Molly Ringwald?”

Billie (Jenna Elfman): “*Gasp!* You know who Molly Ringwald is?!?”

It’s a show about a 22yo guy who manages to accidentally knock up a 37yo single woman on a series of repeated one night stands going through a semi-mental breakdown after ending her relationship to a rich good looking guy after he said he never wanted to get married.  Insert a variety of sub-characters inc the stoner friend, the slutty irish friend and a narotic sister and you’ve got a show which will be cancelled after one season.

For the entire series i would have to give it a 4-Reelsjust because it is a fun brainless comedy that actually does seem to work and in no way is hard to watch. In fact my partner and I managed to watch the entire season in almost one sitting so that’s where the bonus marks come from.

It really could have done with another season, at least that’s what my other half seems to think.

For more information see the link below:


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