inside out

Inside Out

Ok so where would i start with this movie.

You have to start off with acknoweldging that yes, this stars a Wrestler from the WWE so you can’t go off expecting too much. I think, to be honest, expecting anything about this movie is expecting too much!

It starts off with our ‘hero’  Arlo Jayne (A.J.) aka (Triple H) being released from jail after a stint of 13 years. From there it just seems to drag on. Now as far as actors and wrestlers go, with regards to those doing both duties (though it could be argued that they do both duties every week on there tv show) Triple H is one of the better actors. He’s definately better than John Cena (another WWE Wrestler) who i think nearly every character he has starts with name John so as not to confuse him.  Ofcourse they all pale in comparison to ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson who is also a former WWE wrestler but also a rather brilliant actor but that’s all getting besides the point.

So this movie, Inside Out. What can i say.

I like to think that if a movie is good you won’t get distracted, turn it off or do anything but be driven to watch it to the conclusion. This was not the case with this movie. I ended up playing some Tower Defense game on my phone while it was playing… and at one stage turned it off while i did the the dishes. Not a good way for a movie to go.

The only saving grace for this movie, if it could even be said to have one, is the last third of the movie. It actually does get better but the problem is that you have to sit through the first two thirds which can be quite a slog.

The ending is rather cliched as you would expect which is no real surprise.

There’s one thing i want to know though… what’s the deal with the main characters fascination with pickles?


For more information see the link below:


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